Benchmarking Ruby 2.1 and Rubinius 2.0

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A few days ago a the first preview version of ruby 2.1 was released. It has many interesting improvements in the language, but the key ones are:

  • Refinements
  • Decimal Literals
  • Frozen string literals
  • Required keyword arguments
  • Method definition returns Method Name
  • String#scrub
  • Named captures in StringScanner
Some of this improvements are more exciting than others (thumbs up to frozen string, thumbs down to refinements), but as Yukuhiro Matsumoto said in his talk at the Baruco, which I attended, the main changes in this new release are internal, with the new generational garbage collector as the king of the party. .. Read on →

SASS Placeholders Versus Mixins and Extends

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Sass preprocessors have reached critical mass to consider them a mainstream technology. Nowadays almost nobody that does some serius frontend still uses plain old css, but some people that uses sass (or less) are using it like if it where just regular css with nesting and some sintax sugar, without squeezing all the power that those technologies put in our hands. This a summary of the main 3 features o SASS, pointing out its differences. .. Read on → Downloader. How to Download Files From Https With Authentication

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A few days ago I susbcribed to Rubytapas, a series of short screencasts about ruby by Advi Grimm. First of all, I have to recommend you to give it a try. A constant source of small pills filled with ruby wisdom. I’ve discovered many usefull tricks. It totally worths the 9$/month.

The problem

After my subscription, I wanted to download the old episodes (a few days ago Avdi published the 100th episode) but I didn’t want to do it manually. I googled for a script but I didn’t found any, so I decided to write one. .. Read on →

Tweak and Improve Your New Octopress Blog

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After publish your blog, there is still a few things you can do to improve it. These are some of them:

Point your own domain to GitHub pages

This is a must have. Have your own domain is cool. If you don’t like the at the end of the address bar, you can point your domain to github. .. Read on →

I Am Back

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Hi. This is my new blog. Some time ago I had another blog called “masquerailes”, where I wrote half a docen posts about development, specially about ruby, in Spanish. Lots of things happened, now I live in another city in the other side of the country and changed my job twice, but at the end my calling remains untouch. Coding. .. Read on →