I Am Back

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Hi. This is my new blog.

Some time ago I had another blog called “masquerailes”, where I wrote half a docen posts about development, specially about ruby, in Spanish. Lots of things happened, now I live in another city in the other side of the country and changed my job twice, but at the end my calling remains untouch.


I love coding. I feel very fortunate for have made of my hobby a way of living. But life has a lot of facets, and even if I love to make experiments and research on coding topics, I also had lots of things that drawn my attention enough to stop writting my old blog. That are not bad things, build a family and have other hobbies are always a good thing to have, but I’ve realized I miss to spend more time being creative.

At work most people can’t be as creative as they would like, because the real work is always there, waiting to be done, and deadline exist. When you have milestones to reach and deadlines to respect, you tend to follow the path you know better, even when if you would like to try some new tools or patterns that could fit better.

That’s why I write this blog.

I want to force myself to push my limits, to exit my confort zone and write about topics I know well and want to know better (by sharing with the world a small portion of what I gathered from it) and to make me research on topics I would like to know more. And incidentally, to practice my English.

So my first blog post will be about creating your own blog using Jekyll and Octopress and host it for free in github pages. This one you are reading right now :)

See you soon.