I’m a web developer from Spain living in London. I do most of my work in Ruby/Rails and Javascript/Ember.js but I like to experiment with bleeding edge technologies.

If you need help building your product, I might be able to help you.


My favourite language. No other language is so expresive and allows me to get my job done faster.

During more than 5 years of experience building web apps with it, from complex SaaS products to big systems with several millions of users.

Rails and sinatra are my usual tools.


When it comes to building rich user experiences Ember.js is my choice

I’ve been hacking with ember since the beta days, and I’ve built some of the most complex Ember apps out there, and I collaborate with it as much as I can

Did you know that you can build videogames in Ember?

Yeah, I’m that crazy.


When a project grows in complexity and popularity things can become a bit hairy.

Buiding a product is one thing and building a product that scales to handle millions of users and thousands of requests per minute is a different one.

You need to choose the right tool for the right job, and often that means use a mix of them to master the cloud.

Write me if you think we can collaborate or just to say hi!